Another old timer in
the vintage radio world. The Wireless Works has been going for more
years than most. If you have an early set that you want to get restored,
but don’t have the time to do it yourself, or if you are looking for to
buy a ready restored piece of radio history, this is the guy for you.

There is lots of
useful info on this site as well. If you would like some old sounds, to
play on your old radio, look for the daily ditty on this site

 A fairly new group set up to supply new & good used
valves/tubes. Specialising in supplying very early radio tubes/Vales and
new high quality audio tubes/valves at sensible prices  (there are
lots of people selling rubbish at silly prices out there so this site
makes a refreshing change)



Vaughan Industries Limited
was founded in 1990. During this fifteen+ years the company has
earned an enviable reputation for finding solutions to
problems where most others have failed.

The core of the companies work relies upon
the expertise of its two founders Mark and Simon Vaughan.

The company has found its own special
niche in the application of computers and electronics to
mechanical processes. It is one of a very few companies that
undertake complete projects in-house, from the studying of a
problem, engineering a solution, designing, building the
solution (including all hardware, circuit board design and
software), installation and trouble shooting.


domestic water treatment system has been specifically
designed for the domestic user. The technology in our
next generation domestic system benefits from our vast
experience gained from 10 years proven treatment of
industrial and commercial applications.

Through our extensive
development and testing in industrial applications, we
have devised a highly complex system that has many
benefits above and beyond that of the traditional
electronic descaling devices.

Together with our advanced technology
we have the most powerful system available, enough to
easily handle ANY domestic application with a
single product and at a competitive price.

exhibits a physical change on the
water not a chemical one, this retains the inherent
beneficial minerals.

has many other
benefits as well as being the most effective descaler


The 78 Site is dedicated to
preserving the popular culture of the first half of the twentieth
century. In those days, music was recorded on records, which turned
at 78 revolutions per minute. They were played on gramophones, or if
you were rich, a radiogram. Stereo hadn’t been done, and Mr. Dolby
hadn’t been born; in fact, until the 1920s, records were recorded by
shouting down a horn and no electronics were involved.



Malcolm Bennett’s website



Welcome to Dave’s Rust ‘n’
Dust Homepage

For all things Murphy



Bain’s Vintage Wireless Site

Very interesting site about early radio




Philip Knighton’s Vintage Radio &
Gramophone Shop

A useful source of information on radios and
gramophones also has a
large stock of new & used parts




Allan’s Virtual
Radio MuseumRadio Museum




Classic Wireless




John Sleep’s Gramophone Workshop.

 John specializes in vintage gramophones and phonographs.
Whether you want to buy or sell, or have your
machine properly
restored, He can help. He can also supply records, cylinders, and
needles and accessories.


Established in 1986, Radiocraft
makes it easy to enjoy
original valve radios today. All sets are restored to the highest

standards of safety and reliability and are covered by a
comprehensive five year guarantee.



Past Times Radio has been
established since 1999.We specialise in the restoration and
sale of vintage valve andtransistor radios made from 1930 through to
Be it wood, Bakelite, portable or floor standing you are sure to
something of interest here.



On The Air Ltd.’ is Britain’s
biggest specialist vintage technology centre.
Director Steve Harris is a lifelong enthusiast with a background in
who has a commitment to providing a professional, friendly service
other enthusiasts.



Martin Scobie

Martin specialises in restoration
and repair to vintage, and classic radio,
wireless, tape recorders, and radiograms, early valve technology,



Antique chandeliers, lights and lamps from the Antique Lighting company

Sells a wide range of antique lighting from the Victorian and Edwardian periods including Arts & Crafts and Art Nouveau fixtures