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Welcome to our site where you can download thousands of service sheets for vintage radios and televisions for free


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 We are a group of vintage radio enthusiasts, between us we have thousands of service sheets, diagrams and manuals.
including the full set of traders, ERT, Broadcasters and R&TVS
Plus manufacturers manuals.

This site has been set up to allow like minded enthusiasts to access our large library of vintage service manuals and diagrams and download them for free.

This is only phase one, we will be adding much more information soon, this is just the start of something we hope will continue to grow and grow.



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The Old Radio Shop is a new site
dedicated to all vintage electronics related
Radio, Wireless, Television, Hi-Fi.
 from its start up into the late 80's

Early Wireless World, Practical Wireless< and Hi-Fi Year book

The site is still under construction but is growing fast
plans include a large dial glass library as well.




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So you've got the 1920's/30's radio restored but what do you play on it?
Somehow the Sex Pistols doesn't sound quite right!

Then this site is the one to look at each day there is a daily ditty mp3 file, download it for a few days and you
will soon have your own little library. Connect the output of your mp3 player/PC to a pantry transmitter or
the gram input of your pride and joy, for hours of listening to cool real music. You will even be
able to understand the vocals! 



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